Artificial Intelligence in Latin America and the Caribbean:

Ethics, Governance and Policies

About GuIA

GuIA is an initiative by the Center for Studies in Technology and Society (CETyS) at Universidad de San Andrés. The GuIA project was created with the aim of strengthening a space where regional researchers address specific debates on AI ethics, principles, regulations, and policies, as well as particular concerns in Latin America and the Caribbean.

It seeks to provide the discussion on the impacts of AI with a regional perspective through the development of empirical, thoughtful, and educational research.

previous editions

2021 Edition

GuIA’s 2021 Edition is a joint initiative between the Center for Studies in Technology and Society (CETyS) at the University of San Andrés, Centro Latam Digital (CLD), and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) by way of its fAIr LAC project. GuIA’s 2021 Edition seeks to understand if there is an effective connection between ethical principles and human rights in the design, adoption, and use of AI-based technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

2020 Edition

The GuIA’s 2022 project seeks to provide its own perspective from the region on the impact of AI in different issue areas through empirical analysis resulting in evidence. This data is essential to understand the results of the progress made so far, as well as to inform public policies, regulations, and legislation.